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Follow up on the Genesis Gold

After I finished getting my Genesis Gold fixed up I did some thinking and realized that it is confusing as heck with these older model Weber grills to find the right parts. 

Since every problem is an opportunity in disguise I went ahead and built what I hope is the ultimate resource for finding the correct parts for your Weber grill regardless of when it was made.

The site I built is…


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Weber Genesis Gold Craigslist Score

This is getting crazy!  Seems like every time I look through Craigslist I am seeing old Weber gas grills being sold for nothing!  My latest find was a Weber Genesis Gold C that was being sold for $20.

I had to spend a little over $100 on burner tubes, ignition and grilling grates but it was money…


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Smoked Chicken Quarters

I smoked up some pretty nice chicken quarters over the weekend.

Did these on my Weber kettle.  Quarters were brined overnight then smoked for two and a half hours with hickory.  I took the chicken up to 186F then pulled the meat off the bone for pulled chicken sandwiches.

Here is the link for the full…


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Smoked Pork Chops

I spent the past week playing around with different recipes for smoked pork chops.

I made a few beauties!

My favorite was the stuffed and smoked…


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Craigslist Score: $25 Weber Genesis Silver A

I picked up this little beauty on Craigslist for $25 last week.  This is "A" model from the Weber Genesis Silver family of grills. Judging from the ignition system it looks like it was manufactured in either 2000 or 2001.

All it really needed was a good cleaning a a new cross over ignition tube that…


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Smoked Chuck Roast

Pretty tasty smoked chuck roast...smoked for two hours then foiled with beef broth and onion soup mix for another three. 

I ate most of it right off the grill but saved some for some stuffed mushrooms.  Full recipe and more…


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Weber Kettle Ranch Roundup Post

I just posted a fun interview with four great guys who each own a Weber Ranch kettle.  They talk about the pros and cons about the Weber Ranch kettle, why they bought one and things they have learned along the way.

Here is the link to the Weber Ranch Kettle Review! I hope you enjoy :)

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Weber Genesis Silver Grills...I love the little A!

I heave been playing around with my brother-in-law's little two burner classic, the Weber Genesis Silver A.  Even though this is only a two burner its grilling area is just 20% smaller than its three burner counterparts, the Silver B and Silver C.

The grill cooks great, doesn't flare and has held up wonderfully for at least 10 years.  I like…


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Rotisserie for 18.5 inch kettles and WSM

Hey folks, more news from Cajun Bandit.

They are now selling a rotisserie ring for 18.5 inch Weber kettles and the 18.5 inch WSM.

Here is the link to the full article.…


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More Roast Beef On the Rotisserie!

I did another eye of round roast on my Weber Genesis using the rotisserie.  This turned out much better than my previous attempt (although that was pretty tasty as well!).

The biggest two differences were that this roast was injected and I was able to slow things down and get the internal temperature just right.  Low and slow with a…


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Hanbanero Compound Butter

I seem to be on a hot pepper jag that just won’t quit, it’s affecting my cooking and thus my blog.

My dad was a “chili head” and thus by birth and upbringing I too am I “chili head”. I got the monkey off my back for a few years when I had to lay off due to health reasons, but when Dad got his hands on some ghost pepper plants I needed to start raising my…


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Weber 26.75 rotisserie

Hey folks!  Wanted to let everyone know that Cajun Bandit is now selling a Weber 26.75 rotisserie ring!  Here is an interview that Chris from CB was gracious enough to conduct with me. Weber 26.75 rotisserie interview.

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A Talegate Town Approved Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

You should be able to knock these out in about 60-90 minutes making them the PERFECT Talegate Town cook.

The down side to blogging about BBQ or any cooking you do yourself is that first you plate your food, give thanks, then as the rest of the family and/or guest dig in, you haul your plate off somewhere and take pictures of it. So if my feature picture is a little iffy, that's because as Pooh Bear would say "I had a rumbley in my tumbley." Let's also keep in mind I'm…


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Dry Rub for Ribs


I have been playing with rib rubs and wanted to share my Memphis Style Ribs.

The Memphis Rib Rub

  • 1/3 cup turbinado sugar 
  • 1/3 cup Seasoned Salt (Lawry’s)
  • 1/3 cup paprika
  • 1 Tbls granulated garlic
  • 1…

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Habanero Aioli

Often times when we hear about a recipe with an exotic name we shy away from it for various reasons. Maybe we tend to fear flavors we don't know, or more likely as in my case we shy away because we fear a recipe with a name like that must be very heavily technique laden. That was my first thought when I started thinking of this recipe. It's an old world recipe adapted by french chefs. I figured if French chefs are using it, there's no way it can be easy. Well I was WRONG.…


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Homemade bbq sauce


I had a blast making up five different varieties of homemade bbq sauce.  My favorite of the bunch was the Alabama white sauce.  I had it on grilled chicken thighs as well as a few wings.


This was very good on the first day but much better on the second after the horseradish had time to "bloom".  Here is the link to the full post if you would…


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Smoky Jalapeno Cornbread

Every master of his pit that's worth his weight in rub must have a couple of signature "go to" sides. This one has proven it's self time and time again. To make it even that much better it's cheap AND easy. I REALLY wanted to add some leftover grilled corn on the cob we had to this recipe, but when I got home it was nowhere to be found. That would be the down side of living with an 18 year old garbage disposal I call my son.

What you will need:

1 1/4 cup…


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Grilled Asian Chicken and Veggies

One of my favorite things about Asian cooking is the multitude of flavors it offers. It's ideal for summertime grilling, with all the fresh produce available. With recipes like this you can just let your imagination run wild, the more vegetables the better.

A quick look:

Marinate chicken and an array of veggies in an Asian marinade, then grill.

What you will need: 

Boneless (skinless if you choose) chicken breast



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Building A UDS

In previous post I've mentioned that BBQ in it's truest form is a poor man's pass time.If I had the money I'd drop it in a second for a nice new smoker. Shoot I can't even afford a WSM (Weber Smoky Mountain). Oh I look at the smokers and dream. But there comes a point in time when a man has to quit eyeballing the Ferrari, and climb into his old beat up pickup truck. They both will get you to where you're going, just one will turn a few more heads. The same holds true for the UDS. It's not…


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