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I found this site during some research for a new BBQ and very glad that I did,

 I live in Alberta, Canada (Texas of the North - Oil and Cattle)

 I BBQ all year round and have over time broken of few $150.00 Broil-Mates BBQs. They tend not to like being used in -20C or colder weather. The base cast housing cracks. I figured this time I would shell out a few more dollars and picked up a Broil King Imperial XL. Although I have not used it yet, I found the features of this BBQ to be very versiatile. There is supposed to be a Chinook here next week so i can get it out onto my deck. I got it for a really good deal with extras since many folks here, view that BBQ season is "closed" from November until April. I will continue to use the last Broil-Mate untill it crumbles.

I am now researching Smokers - new area. I have posted a question in the Backyard Grilling Section (probably should be in General section) Electric or Propane Smokers. Your oppinions would be appreciated.

 I am finding that you get more satifaction making your own sauces , glazes, and rubs than buy from a package or bottle. A lot of the store bought mixed spices, have way too such salt in them, which ruins the taste you are looking for. I want the flavour of the meat enhanced by the spices I have added. If you want more salt, add it yourself. GRIN!

 Looking forward to sharing ideas with you,


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welcome gggander. enjoy

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