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To the BBQ nation I am asking for help.  Please click the link below and vote for BBQ Taco's featuring SLAWSA by Scott Gibbs.  This a recipe I have entered in a recipe contest.  Winner receives an Ole Hickory!!!!  We all know how nice those are.  So if you have a few minutes help me out.  Thank in advance for your support.


or go to, and go to summer give away.  Only two voting days left!!!

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I figure they will vote for my brisket. I will let ya know how the new smoker works.
Absolutely, let me know how the 22.5 WSM works out.
good luck
Good Luck to you as well, Its been a fun contest to be a part of....

Well don't about you but I was not impressed with the winner. It might taste good but the picture!

I would like to know where we finished in the final balloting.

I agree.  I'm not real sure how they choose a winner.  Did they cook all 15 recipes?  I also would like to know where we finished.  Guess I gotta stick to my egg and tow behind......

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