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 I have been asked many times if i sauce my brisket and shoulders for comp so im putting this one out to you guys sauce or no sauce for comp meat

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No sauce. Let the meat talk for its self. Little rub but thats it.
No Sauce.  It makes people think you have something to cover up.
I've taken a class from one of the top KCBS teams in the country, and they sauce both pork and brisket. I've been fairly successful myself in competitions in the northeast and I also sauce both, but my brisket sauce is more of a demiglace than a BBQ sauce and I only put it on the back of the slices..
I'm also a KCBS certified judge and rarely see a pork turn-in without sauce while brisket varies. Some people drag the slice through the pan juices, some go completely sauceless while others smother the slices in sauce (those seem to be the ones covering something up).
Just remember that we're talking about 'one bite BBQ' here, and you only have that one bite to impress the judges. You don't want the sauce to overpower the meat, but rather to be the perfect compliment to perfectly cooked product.
Good luck in competition!
Great Point Mister Bob
I'm also a KCBS judge and I agree with Mister Bob.  Sometimes brisket needs a small flavor "pop" (as I call it) and it can be achieved with aus jus type sauce.  Nothing that drowns out the flavor of the meat.  It also helps with moisture in the meat.

ty guys for replying


Definatly no sauce. The only thing i sauce for a comp. is chicken and sometimes ribs!!
If you wanna win... you will sauce. The key is to find a sauce that isn't going to over-power the meat, but will give work to give it that "wow" factor that gets your name called at the end of the day.
We do a light sauce and pinch of rub

By sauce do you mean "glaze", or just touch at the end.  We have had sucess, by barely adding a touch of sauce to the pork plugs just before turn in.


I have never used a glaze, at the end of the cooking process, but alot of people seem to be doing this. 

I am KCBS judge and I believe it should be sauced or glazed just a touch. Being the last meat judged the taste buds are craving something with a little pop. I also like a box with some burnt ends.  
This is a great question and I can see there's lots of views and experience here. Something interesting happened  recently at a comp that I thought that I'd share with the forum. I don't sauce my brisket since the rub and injection amp up the flavor well enough and I want the rich earthy flavor of beef to flow through. I do use a fortified beef stock as a dip to help retain moisture and to boost the Umami factor. The interesting thing that I experienced was a comment card that came back with my scores that said "taste too much like beef" What???? I thought that brisket was beef, maybe I'm using the wrong product! LOL

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